VEGAN grey shoes, Grace



Items will be shipped within 3 business days by:


1. 5-8 business days, delivery by the USPS, tax included. 14$
2. Express FedEx / DHL 2-3 business days. 49 $
1. 5-9 business days, local tax is included. 14$
2. Express FedEx / DHL 2-3 business days. 49 $
1. 5-9 business days 16$
2. Express FedEx / DHL 2-3 business days. 59 $
1. Studio pickup (Levontin St. 2 second floor. Please coordinate pick up 036322142) 0$
2. Door to door 2-4 business days 12$
3. Tel Aviv only. Next day, door to door. 9$
: More information
+ We have no control over custom delays.
+ Please add your phone number to coordinate delivery
All destination expenses duties/taxes etc. will be paid by receiver.

My products exit my studio well packed and water proof.
How to pick your size?


Length measurements are found in any of my product`s descriptions. 
Measuring yourself takes only a few moments, and can really help you in choosing the right size for you. 
General rules: If the shoes are closed (anything you would wear with socks) the measurements would be: your foot length + about 1 cm (or 0.4 inches) 
If you are choosing a sandal or a peep toe size (anything that is opened in the front), the measurements would be: your foot length + about 0.5 cm (or 0.2 inches). 
place a ruler of a measuring tape on the floor, so that "0" touches a wall. Take off tour shoes and socks and stand on the ruler, with your heels pressed against the wall.Measure to your largest toe.

Easy size converter:
42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 EUROPE
10 9.5 9 8.5 7.5 6.5 6 5 USA
8.5 8 7.5 7 6 5 4.5 3.5 AUSTRALIA
7.5 7 6.5 6 5 4 3.5 2.5 UK


Return and refund policy
Return / Exchange Terms:
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your shoes, please contact me here or at
info [!at] and I will provide you with a response shortly after.

It Is important that you use these instructions to make your return/exchange as smooth
as possible. 

1. Please avoid sending a product before contacting me.

2.Unfortunately I CAN NOT accept returns by private companies such as:
UPS / DHL / TNT/ Fed Express Etc.

3.Make sure you are NOT using EMS or any kind of express mail service. 
Express services can have different names such as priority or fast mail services. 
Those kind of services are very likely to be held by the custom for a long time or return to the sender at his expense. 

4.USA customers: Please ship you parcel via First Class USPS service only. 
It is the cheapest and most smooth service.

5.Please ship with a mailing service that has a tracking number. Before shipping the 
package, make sure to avoid tracking numbers starting with RE or EE.Those kind of services 
are very likely to be held by the custom for a long time or return to the sender at his expense. 

6.Customers from anywhere else (not US), 
I kindly ask you to use only regular registered mail and make sure you are NOT using EMS 
or any kind of express mail service. Express parcels are regularly delayed in customs and 
might be returned to sender at his expense. 
Please consult with the post office teller before shipping the package.

Feel free to contact me with any question. I will reserve your exchange shoes as soon as you 
give me the tracking number. I will do my best to ship your new shoes to you ASAP :)
Important: do not forget to write your name and full address on the box!
You are welcome to use my return address below.
Extra info

Colors may appear slightly different in photos and on different screens.
I recommend you measure your feet and note the listed measurements found in all product description.
If you are in between sizes, it's best if you contact me for further instructions on how to choose your size.

Seller Information

Please feel free to contact me at or or if youre from Israel you can always call 03-6322142. 
Thank you for visiting my shop :)

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