Shoe love is true love


"Tamar Shalem" was founded in 2010 by Tamar Shalem,
shoe addict and industrial designer.
Style is smart casual.
Inspiration is simple, it`s our everyday life.

We are all very busy.

Shoes and clothes are meant to serve us, be practical, comfortable, yet sophisticated.

All shoes are hand sewn and assembled in a local workshop.

Production is traditional, 100% superb craftsmanship.

Seven different craftsmen take part in the 36 hours process of making each pair.   

All of my shoes get much love and attention in each stage of production.

No mass production, no waste, no pollution.

Process is environment and human friendly.



You can find my most loved designs in a vegan version. The vegan line is constantly developing. Made of high quality vegan leather.


Also, if you`re in the neighborhood,
you are welcomed to stop by and say hi at Tamar Shalem studio:
Levontin Street 2, TLV
Buzzer no. 7, Second floor.
Please call before to make sure we are there 972-3-632-2142
Do you ever wonder: 
How to choose the best casual, everyday pair of shoes?
I have decided to become a shoe designer because getting a new pair of shoes has always made me so happy. The feeling used to last for days… That’s how I want to make others feel.
Please be kind to yourself and join my little customers club. You can thank yourself later for doing so ;) 

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