Shoe organizing tips

How many pairs of shoes does a women need?

That`s right, just one more! 

Let’s face it, most of us have more than one or two pairs of shoes. We just need them. So how do you store them?

I’ve always admired my best friend, who keeps every pair she has in its original box. Yes, she actually bothers to put every pair into its own box after wearing it. She has a large apartment as well.

Realizing that I would never be as perfect as her, I started looking for storage ideas that can keep my shoes organized, dust and dirt free, and out of the way.

Here is a short list of the best shoe storage solutions I’ve found. They are all sold by verified suppliers, and I’ve managed to get them into my shop, for your safety and convenience.

Zipper closure light weight shoe closet:

This is definitely my favorite. We are moving to a different house in a few month, and I have already ordered one for myself, and one for my shoe loving husband. This light weight zipper closure shoe closet can hold up to 30 pairs. It is narrow enough to be placed in between or behind doors, or in any unused space you have at home. It keeps you shoe library hidden yet easy to explore, and dust free of course. Available in black, gray and blue. Ships for free and sold at a great price. Great value for money.


Behind the door hanging rack:

This one fits smaller space homes. What I like the most about it is the use of unused space. It’s hanging behind your closet (or room) door. This hanging organizer has 26 cells. It is not as sealed as the stand alone closet, but it keeps your shoes well organized, easy to browse through, and out of your way.


Inside closet hanging 4 cells organizer:

This one is for compact closets/shoe inventories. Four cells, each fits one or two pairs of shoes or 1-2 bags. This one is better for those who can hang it inside their closet, because it’s not sealed. It folds, and can be washed when needed.


Pack with respect. Portable shoe organizers:

My friends and family know that I have a little obsession with packing. I’m the first one to call when someone has to move. I love total usage of space in boxes and the overall neat look smart storage creates. I also enjoy letting go of anything that is not in use, making room for future desires. When traveling, I reorganize my suitcase every day. I find it very enjoyable to manage more than full capacity of a suitcase, just by packing it intelligently. What I dislike in my luggage is plastic bags. It doesn’t look appealing and most certainly doesn’t feel or sound nice. These are the cutest, and best value for money portable shoes organizers I’ve found for you:

Three pair potable shoe keeper: 

This one can actually hold 3 pairs and your flip flops.It looks elegant enough to carry with you to a spa or a pool, it’s very comfortable to serve as your little shoe closet in a hotel, and  on top - it’s just so cute.


Taking traveling one step further, this perfect shoe organizer holds up to six pairs. It looks neat, clean, elegant, and looks good when you open your suitcase.


Finally, these small, cool bags that you can use for shoes, or any other small items (underwear, make up, your hair products Etc.). They always come in handy, and I really love the print.


You can find all of these efficient shoe organizers and more here.

♥ Tamar.


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